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Delta congratulates the U.S. and Cuba governments on reaching a historical milestone and agreeing to resume commercially scheduled flights between the countries.  Delta looks forward to resuming service to Cuba as soon as approvals are granted.

Delta currently serves 25 destinations in the Caribbean. The airline has a history of commercial service in Cuba beginning on May 1, 1953, when it inherited passenger service to Havana from its merger with Chicago and Southern Air Lines.

More details about Delta’s recent service to Cuba:

  • December 2002-2004: Delta partnered with Marazul Charters to operate JFK-HAV with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated by Delta Shuttle.
  • October 2011-December 2012: Delta operated more than 500 charter flights
  • Delta’s charter partnership with Marazul Charters, was for service between Havana and JFK, ATL, and MIA, also Miami – Camaguey, Cuba
  • As recently as May 18, Delta facilitated a historical return to Cuba for the Minnesota Orchestra which visited the Island after they played for the first time in Havana 85 years ago.  The orchestra which flew from Minneapolis-Saint Paul to Havana on a charter flight became the first to perform in Havana after President Obama’s move to begin normalizing relations with Cuba.
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