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Delta Air Lines believes that driving competition, consumer choice and transparency in airline travel is a win for our customers and is good for business. That is why we have invested in building the nation’s most reliable airline with the best customer service, providing our customers with a fully transparent experience before, during and after their travel.

Some of those efforts include:

Baggage handling reliability: With Delta’s ongoing investments in upgrading our baggage system, we have consistently achieved the most reliable baggage handling metrics in the industry. Since 2010, Delta has offered a delayed baggage rebate of up to a $50 electronic travel voucher for bags delayed more than 12 hours. We also are the first airline to deploy an RFID tracking system to enable real-time tracking throughout the travel experience, and were the first airline to make customers eligible for 2,500 bonus miles if their bag is not on the carousel in 20 minutes or less following any domestic flight.

Transparency in baggage delivery: Delta welcomes refreshed reporting around baggage handling. Given the immense volume of checked bags that travel and arrive on time with our customers every day, the traveling public will more clearly see that Delta handles hundreds of thousands of bags successfully daily, supported by those recent investments in sophisticated RFID technology to reinforce expert handling.

Codeshare partners: Delta welcomes the inclusion of its regional codeshare partners in DOT reliability reports. Our efforts to build the most reliable airline extend to our domestic codeshare partners, who routinely outperform other regional carriers in the United States. For example, in May, six operators under the Delta Connection banner achieved nearly eight days without a single flight cancellation. And Delta leads the industry with 60 “Brand Perfect” days this year – days when both Delta and our regional codeshare partners operate without a single cancellation.

Bias by online ticket agents: Delta has long advocated for the prohibition of all fare bias – or the practice of ranking one carrier ahead of another based on anything other than route and pricing information – so consumers can make informed travel choices, regardless of where they purchase their ticket. All non-airline ticket vendors should be subject to the same display rules.

Providing consumers with all-in pricing information: Delta continues to develop various fare programs and product offerings to provide choice and flexibility for every traveler’s needs. Every consumer has an opportunity to review the price of their ticket prior to making the final purchase. We also continue to advocate for full transparency of the price of the ticket, including full disclosure of taxes and government fees in the final price.

Protecting travelers with disabilities: Ensuring accessibility to all Delta customers is a primary concern. Our agents and attendants are always available to assist customers. Delta continues to champion and improve accessibility at the airport and in the air. Delta maintains an advisory board on disabilities, comprised of experts and advocates from across the U.S. for customers with disabilities. This board guides and advises Delta to achieve its objective of making the airline the carrier of choice through operational excellence, ‘second mile’ service and building emotional connections with the disability community.

Reviewing potentially unfair business practices: Delta’s broad distribution policies allow consumers to access Delta products and comparison shop through numerous channels, including online travel agents (OTAs), metasearch sites and global distribution systems in addition to In fact, Delta has agreements with the most popular and consumer-friendly OTAs – those same OTAs account for almost 95 percent of all OTA industry bookings. However, the relationships between airlines and online travel agencies and metasearch sites must be based on a mutual respect of the brands and products being offered for sale. Unfortunately, some bad actor OTA/metasearch sites have been proven to have misleading, deceptive and/or fraudulent business practices that have harmed a number of Delta customers, and in turn, the Delta brand. Delta will continue work to ensure our products are available broadly, but also accurately so Delta customers are protected from deceptive and fraudulent online travel sites.