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One day can change the lives of an individual, a family or an entire community when disaster strikes – leaving them feeling helpless. One day can also make all the difference when people come together to change lives for the better.

nl 0421 One day to ‘Help 1 Family’; American Red Cross hosts Giving Day on April 21_IMAGE.png
On April 21, the American Red Cross is encouraging people to come together for its second annual  Giving Day to support its urgent humanitarian needs, provide comfort and hope where it’s needed most and inspire the single largest day of Red Cross giving outside of major disasters. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Help 1 Family’, and last year alone the organization raised $2.45 million during the 24-hour campaign.

The American Red Cross is Delta’s longest-standing nonprofit partner, which has allowed the airline and its employees and customers to help those in need for more than 70 years. To support its partner, Delta encourages employees to join the campaign and donate to make a difference.

“Delta's ongoing partnership allows the airline, our customers and our employees to always be there to help those in need,” said Tad Hutcheson, Managing Director – Community Affairs. “Supporting the ‘Help 1 Family’ campaign gives our employees the opportunity to help those who are affected by crisis around the world and truly make a difference in the lives of others.”

Throughout the year, Delta employees give blood through corporate blood drives, making Delta the largest corporate blood donor in the Southeast and ranked No. 6 nationwide, donating 6,642 pints of blood during the 2015 fiscal year.

In addition, Delta is an Annual Disaster Giving Program participant at the $1 million level, allowing the organization to be strategic and proactive in disaster response. 

As people are affected by disasters around the world, donations to the American Red Cross help to ensure that those individuals, families and communities who are most in need are helped quickly.