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Delta is partnering to better distribute its product content via Routehappy, a platform that helps create, manage and deliver targeted ticket and product content.

“Delta is committed to ensuring our customers have the best travel shopping experience,” said Chris Phillips, Managing Director – Global Distribution at Delta. “Our pilot with Routehappy will help confirm we can more effectively merchandise our unique product offerings at the point of sale, allowing customers to make more informed purchase decisions.  Delta and Routehappy are aligned in our mission to de-commoditize the shopping experience, and we look forward to partnering with other distributors to reinforce the Delta difference.”

The pilot project is intended to test consumer purchase behavior when presented with rich, merchandised content with the intended result being improved upsell rates across Delta’s Branded Fares, improved conversion rates and increased channel share to  The test will be implemented in select domestic and international routes beginning later this summer.

Routehappy delivers highly targeted product descriptions, icons, photos, videos and 360° virtual tours, all matched to specific flights and products across an airline’s worldwide network. Airlines authorize distributors’ access to their standardized rich content via permission settings.

This allows online travel agencies, metasearch sites and corporate and agency booking tool providers to easily integrate content into their flight listings, improving flight selling for airlines, flyers and distributors.

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