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CHISHOLM, Minn. - Delta people, company partners, elected officials and community leaders on Thursday celebrated the grand opening of the newly renovated Iron Range Customer Engagement Center.

In partnership with the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, construction on the $5.9 million renovation began in December. The innovative workplace, initially opened in 1996, was redesigned to provide new work, learning and meeting places that encourage collaboration and an improved sense of space and light.

The center features Delta’s branding along with elements that reflect the identity of the Iron Range, an area of northeastern Minnesota known for its iron ore deposits.

Along with the renovations, the center welcomes new Customer Engagement specialists. In addition to new employees now in training, the center plans to hire an additional 75 specialists by the end of the year.

At the event, Bill Lentsch, Senior Vice President – Airport Customer Service, likened the quality of the facility to the performance of the Delta employees who work there.

“We are very grateful for all of your efforts,” Lentsch said. “Keep up the great work and please enjoy your new Delta home.”

Charisse Evans, Vice President – Reservation Sales and Customer Care, also thanked employees, who assist customers, including SkyMiles members.

“This is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the many contributions each and every one of you make every day,” Evans said. “Your commitment to our customers is outstanding.”