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​Delta's Nomad customer assistance tool has won "Best Check-In Initiative" at the Future Travel Experience Global Awards 2017. At the same event in Las Vegas Thursday, Gil was named to the No. 2 spot on FTE's "Power List" of the top 25 people who have led significant customer-focused improvements during the past 12 months.

"There isn't another airline that's more innovative in its approach to the customer experience because we are never satisfied with where we are," said Greg Forbes, General Manager – Business Technology & Operational Support. "We have incredible support and direction from our leadership to keep developing, testing and implementing new ways to make the travel experience easier and more enjoyable for customers and employees. Innovative solutions like Nomad are the natural result."

The Nomad handheld device gives agents the ability to make seat changes, rebook customers, check bag status, board or check in customers, and print bag tags and boarding passes – all from the palm of their hand. Currently deployed at Delta's Atlanta hub to a couple hundred employees, the mobile technology is designed to save customers time, cut wait lines and help Delta teams better adjust staffing when bad weather or other factors affect the operation – all while enabling more personal engagements between agents and customers.

FTE said its Global Awards celebrate the outstanding efforts of organizations that have gone the extra mile to improve the passenger experience both on the ground and in flight. .

Delta was also a finalist in the following categories:

  • Best Innovative Gate Initiative for the Gates & Boarding Redesign program at ATL's T1, 2 and 3
  • Best Up in the Air Initiative for Delta One Suite
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