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For many customers, has made booking air travel easier than ever, and now with the website’s recent accessibility upgrades, the process will be easier for all.

The federal government starting Dec. 12 will require websites that provide core air travel services, such   as booking, check-in, itinerary and flight schedules, to be more accessible to all people. Specifically, these standards mandate that web content should be just as accessible to users with disabilities, including visual, physical, cognitive and learning disabilities, as it is to users without disability.

The e-Commerce team rose to the challenge in early 2015 and began planning’s upgrades. By summer, the first upgrades went live, and since then, the team has rolled out and tested new features to ensure all customers have equal access to Delta’s website.

Today, the team rolls out the last of these updates to

Most of updates affect the design, content and compatibility elements of the website. Some of the changes are visible to all users, like text or color contrast changes, making it easier for users to see content and separate it from the background.  Rotating images have also been slowed to flash no more than three times in any one second period to better cater to users with epilepsy.

Other changes are more subtle, such as ensuring can interact with assistive devices, like screen readers or braille keyboards.

The website also features more clear and concise language to promote better reading comprehension.

“Although the percentage of people with disabilities is small, they’re our customers and they’re just as important as customers without disabilities,” said April Karnes, Manager – Experience Design & Strategy. “We want them to have the same access to as everyone else. It’s just the right thing to do for our customers.”

Delta’s Brazilian partner, GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes, also recently made similar updates to its website.


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