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There's a fresh face at Delta, and online shoppers are taking notice.

New responsive homepage
The newly designed and "responsive" homepage started rolling out in early May, and today is active for about 10 percent of visitors to the site. The new design will be served up to all customers by the end of June.

Several new features highlight the bold homepage that takes into account customer flight preferences, shopping history and even aligns with aspects of the industry-leading Fly Delta app. These include:

  • Adjustable page size, "responsive" to whatever device the customer is using – whether a desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • A new "Book" widget and personalized homepage image with a welcome and "continue booking" option if the visitor had previously started exploring a trip.
  • "Today" feature that aligns with the Today feature from the Fly Delta app.
  • Feeds with notifications, advisories and news, similar to the Fly Delta app.
  • Enhanced Search feature.
  • New "Customer Service" footer section for easier access to redesigned Need Help and Email Us pages.

"The all-new homepage is designed to look great on any mobile device and combines a fresh, clean look with new interactions to make it easier for new and returning customers to navigate," said Rhonda Crawford, V.P. – Global Distribution & Digital Strategy. "It also aligns a more intuitive user experience with other leading digital brands that customers may experience at any point throughout their day."

While Delta's desktop site is designed for new or occasional customers who may not have the industry-leading Fly Delta app, Delta continues to encourage all customers to download and use the free app for their shopping, booking and day-of-travel needs. 

A phased approach

Delta is initiating this launch with the homepage and all "static" pages across the site until every visitor to experiences the new look and functionality by the end of June.

Crawford added that the dynamic shopping and booking pages will transition in a future phase of the airline's "responsive" journey.

Delta's phased approach is reflective of best practices across the digital platform industry and ensures any challenges not identified during the extensive testing period are addressed quickly.

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