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Deltanet, the company's internal website, is a high-performance tool designed to give Delta people immediate access to the company news and information they need to be informed and maximize productivity. It didn't used to be that way.

A two-year project devoted to reworking the portal was acknowledged today when Deltanet was included in the 10 Best Intranets for 2018 winners' list by the intranet authority Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

"Delta took a (literally) broken intranet and turned it into an opportunity to create a streamlined site with engaging content, clean design, and easy-to-use interfaces," said usability expert Jakob Nielsen, principal of NN/g.

Susan Hayes, General Manager – Corporate Intranet, said, "Deltanet serves more than 260,000 users throughout the world and supports a wide range of roles, content and functionality. Designing an intranet with this scale and complexity presents a unique challenge requiring team focus from both a technical and content standpoint.

"This honor is the result of the hard work of many teams – from Corporate Communications to IT and our many Deltanet authors in every business unit who reviewed and rewrote thousands of pieces of information. We are proud these collective efforts have been recognized by the undeniable intranet authority. "

NN/g, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, evaluates interfaces of all kinds and guides the critical design decisions that make websites, applications, intranets and products achieve their full potential for businesses and users.

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Photo caption: Corporate Communications Deltanet team, from left, Dustin Sieber, Cheryl Rakestraw, Almeda Andrew, Susan Hayes, Faith Fagan, and Kimberly Bridges.

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