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Delta has a new home on Twitter devoted specifically to the Empire State.

NY twitter.png
Beginning today, @DeltaNY will combine news and information from @Delta with New York-specific updates and conversation.

“We are incredibly excited to engage local customers, partners and our own 10,000+ New York-based employees through this platform,” said Gail Grimmett, Senior Vice President - New York.

The (Big) apple won’t fall far from the tree, though – the new handle will launch as a hyper-local extension of the Delta brand. Delta’s social media team will partner with the New York marketing team to provide locally relevant content influenced by important cultural moments throughout the state, as well as key events and milestones for Delta’s New York sponsorship and community partners, from opening day at Citi Field to a volunteer day with Habitat for Humanity.

Follow and tweet @DeltaNY for additional Delta news and information. 

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