While aviation’s share of global CO2 emissions is small, Delta recognizes the need to take action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Delta’s actions to that end are guided by the following principles:

  • We will engage senior, internal decision-makers and external advisors in the development of our climate change policy, strategy, and program implementation.
  • We will establish a baseline greenhouse gas inventory, set a reduction goal and track performance annually.
  • To ensure transparency, we will report our progress against our greenhouse gas reduction goal to external stakeholders annually.
  • We will engage in legislative and regulatory public policy development concerning climate change in the US.
  • We will work with industry associations, such as ATA and IATA, to develop industry approaches and engage in the development of international environmental public policy for aviation.
  • We will work with industry, major manufacturers, and government stakeholders to investigate and enable advanced technologies that can substantially reduce emissions.
  • We will work to expedite the availability of economically and environmentally competitive and operationally viable alternative fuel sources on a commercial scale.
  • We will develop a customer-based, climate change program to help our customers reduce their CO2 emissions when traveling with Delta.
  • We will periodically update our climate change strategy and programs as new information emerges and stakeholder expectations change.
  • We will educate our employees about and provide opportunities for them to engage in Delta’s climate change program.
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