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  • Delta’s active listening and conscientious responses prove to be a winning formula
  • A focus on the customer experience and continuous service enhancements address service preferences in the region

Delta has earned the top spot in customer satisfaction scores among airlines serving Latin America for September and October. Seeking customer input, listening attentively and implementing changes to improve the overall experience are the reasons behind the steady climb Delta is seeing in score improvement year-over-year in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Luciano Macagno

These scores, which have been steadily climbing over the past few years, reached a new high after the introduction of enhancements designed to delight customers with every interaction along their journey. “Our customers are the focus of our efforts, and their feedback helps us to continuously enhance the customer experience,” said Luciano Macagno, Delta’s Managing Director — Latin America, the Caribbean and South Florida. “Our employees also play an important role by sharing their knowledge and ideas about how to improve our services.”

Macagno shares some insights into Delta’s efforts to enhance the customer experience on Latin America routes.

How does Delta measure customer satisfaction?

Customers receive an email shortly after a Delta flight that helps to determine the Net Promoter Score. NPS measures customer satisfaction and loyalty, gauging how likely a customer is to recommend Delta to others. The survey asks customers to rate their experience throughout the phases of their journey, such as check-in, boarding and while on board. Because we’re committed to providing our customers with a superior experience, we follow the survey results closely. They help us measure how we’re doing and make sure we’re delivering an experience our customers love. We are grateful to our customers for taking the time to respond to post-flight surveys. When our customers share their experiences, we are actively listening – each of those opinions matters and helps us shape and enhance future experiences.

Were there any highlights that stood out from recent survey results?

We want to make our customers feel welcomed and appreciated, and we aim to do this in big ways and small. During Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15) we presented a curated collection of Latin-themed content in Delta Studio, our in-flight entertainment system. The idea came from Latino employees of Delta’s ADELANTE Business Resource Group. ADELANTE’s leadership worked with our In-Flight Service team to identify movies and series reflecting the Latino experience. Our customers loved it. The collection was the main driver of a more than 18% year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction on these routes.

In-Flight Service scores are just one example of what we see in the survey results. Through their feedback, our customers help us to shape other areas, such as the new branded boarding process, which now has customers boarding by the cabin they purchased. This process, which we launched last year, brings simplicity and clarity to the gate and boarding experience. This effort was appreciated by our customers, and their feedback is reflected in the subsequent NPS scores. 

Are there other aspects of the travel experience that are important to customers?

We understand customers want reliability and a stress-free experience from the moment they book their flight, which is why we’re investing heavily in every aspect of the travel journey, such as the Fly Delta app, improvements in our airport facilities, and our new Main Cabin experience on long-haul flights, which includes signature cocktails and meals inspired by local favorites in the countries we serve. Seeing how our efforts are paying off in Latin America is motivating us to do more, so Delta customers have much more to look forward to. We’re working on every aspect of the experience so travelers will choose Delta every time.

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