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Delta has been recognized as one of the first U.S. carriers to receive the Platinum Certificate for meeting key International Air Transport Association baggage tracking requirements.

The certification, under IATA's Baggage Tracking Resolution 753, indicates Delta has put in place enhanced tracking at four key points along every bag's journey: passenger handover to the airline, loading to the aircraft, delivery to the transfer area and return to the passenger. The certification is based on an assessment IATA conducted this month.

At Delta, RFID is replacing barcode hand scanning – the industry standard since the early 1990s – providing the most advanced visibility to a bag throughout the travel process. In addition, customers receive live push notifications at critical points, including when the bag is loaded on the aircraft, and all domestic airports offer a map view of the bag's journey via the Fly Delta mobile app.

"For the past three months, during the peak travel season, we've led the industry with the lowest mishandled baggage rate, an unprecedented achievement for a carrier of our size, and a pride point for our customers who trust over 120 million checked bags with us annually," said Gareth Joyce, Senior Vice President – Airport Customer Service & President – Cargo.

"Our relentless drive in customer experience innovation, supported by a focus on operational excellence, is part of our push to go from being the best in the aviation industry to being the best customer service brand, creating raving Delta fans."

In June, July and August, Delta was No. 1 with the fewest mishandled bags rate based on U.S. DOT reporting at 1.71, 1.77 and 1.44 respectively per 1000 passengers.

Through the RFID technology, scanners use radio waves to capture highly accurate and consistent data stored on an RFID chip embedded in the luggage tag, driving superior tracking and increased transparency. That means that each bag is being tracked with better accuracy when flying Delta thanks to RFID readers driving 2 billion bag scan points annually.

Delta was honored with the Best Radio Frequency Identification Technology Implementation award from the RFID Journal in May. And, last year, IATA highlighted Delta's efforts and shared a study that found a global RFID solution could reduce the number of mishandled bags by up to 25 percent by 2022, saving the air travel industry $3 billion.


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