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A few days removed from the first harsh winter storm of the season to hit the northeastern United States, Delta's operation has moved into the busy travel week ready to connect families at airports across the country this Thanksgiving.

With favorable weather conditions expected across much of the country throughout the week, as forecast by Delta's meteorology team, customers are beginning to make their way to see loved ones with minimal disruption. Delta has already flown approximately one million customers in the last two days alone, with a peak day coming the Sunday after Thanksgiving when nearly 650,000 customers will take to the skies on Delta flights worldwide.

With an estimated 4.7 million customers flying through the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday, Delta people from all departments — from customer-facing positions at airports and on planes, to those working behind the scenes to support the busy week ahead and ensure a reliable operation for travelers as they make their ways towards their families for the holiday.

In an effort to assist customers traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday — many of whom are first time or infrequent flyers — Delta has launched its Peach Corps team to assist with terminal meet-n-greet, wayfinding, kiosk assist, wheelchair assistance and other customer service touchpoints. The Peach Corps consists of hundreds of Delta employee-volunteers who help passengers find their way at the Atlanta airport — Delta's busiest hub, with a mission to answer travelers' questions, solve minor problems and guide customers in the right direction, minimizing waiting and frustration. And ease the load on Delta’s frontline employees by redirecting customers who don't need to see a customer service agent to begin their trip.

"Families across the country truly count on us to get the job done during times like this, and there is no group of people I would trust more than the 80,000 Delta colleagues to deliver on our promise to unite each and every one of them this Thanksgiving," said Gil West, Delta's Chief Operating Officer. "Running an airline is the ultimate team sport, needing the support, tact and expertise of every employee across every division to connect with customers and get them connected with their loved ones."

The result of Delta's operational successes in recent years has not gone unnoticed and potential customers from coast to coast make their last minute travel plans, a recent piece in the St. Paul Business Journal has highlighted Delta as a "best on-time bet" with a special shout out to the Journal's local Team MSP.

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