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Four decades of Delta’s expansion, service and dedication to the community were celebrated at Denver International Airport Friday as the Mayor Michael B. Hancock proclaimed a citywide “Delta Air Lines Day.”

Customers and employees enjoyed Photobooths, giveaways, popcorn machines and cookies throughout Delta’s facilities at Denver International, and gates were adorned with a “4-0” Balloon sculpture commemorating the milestone. Customers in the Delta Sky Club were offered a taco fiesta, while lapel pins were given to Sky Club members, Delta customers and partners.

Delta has grown significantly in Denver over the years. The airline began service in 1977 flying a Lockheed L-1011 and Boeing’s 727-200, with just five daily roundtrip flights. David Garrett, Delta’s president at the time, referred to Denver as a “gold mine.”  Today, Delta operates 43 peak-day departures from Denver, a highly competitive market.

Linda Irvine, Delta’s only active agent from the 1977 inauguration, recalled the past few decades. “It’s just fascinating how much we’ve grown every year and how well we’ve done,” Irvine said. “We’ve had such a good opportunity for so many other people to be employees of Delta Air Lines, and I’m just happy to share that with them.”

The mayor and Kim Day, CEO of Denver International Airport, joined the crowd Friday for remarks about the history of Denver and Delta’s relationship with the community.

Peter Moceo, Station Manager, said Denver is one of Delta's highest-performing stations of its size in numerous measures: customer service, operational performance, safety, finance and Cargo.

“The attitude out here is contagious,” Moceo said. “Our people in Denver are just really in tune with taking care of customers and each other. The energy to get this job done the right way and take care of folks is incredible.”

Irvine agreed.

“There’s a lot of motivation and momentum in this station,” she said. “We all try to treat each other well and respect each other, too, and I think that’s a big part of the culture here.”

Delta’s renowned customer service and reliability keep the airline’s planes full to the popular destination, which is famous for its landscape. “The beauty of this place… with mountains to our West and prairies to our East, there’s not even words to describe it,” Moceo said.


Denver proclaims “Delta Air Lines Day” to celebrate 40th anniversary

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