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The Diet Detective recently called Delta’s domestic food offerings “excellent” in its annual Airline Food Investigation. The airline landed the top spot among large network carriers and second among all U.S.-based airlines with a score of four stars out of five.

Nutritionist Charles Platkin, also known as the Diet Detective, praised the airline’s commitment to health conscious food offerings, highlighting Flight Fuel, Delta’s onboard menu that focuses on fresh ingredients, and its ongoing partnership with Luvo.

Food on a plate

“Delta continues its commitment to improving its food in terms of health and consciousness,” Platkin said. “The new menus attempt to focus on ‘transparency into ingredient and allergen information for customers.’”

He lauded Delta for providing a key on the menu for snack items that are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and lacto-ovo vegetarian and for offering the only non-GMO snack box – the Tapas box – among U.S. airlines.

Snack-wise, Platkin said nuts and the Tapas Snack Box are customers’ healthiest choices.

“Airlines other than Delta and Virgin America seem very slow to catch on to the food awareness that is going on around the country and around the world,” Platkin said. “I’d think it would be good business for them to provide better, healthier and more conscientious food.

Delta has taken its focus on healthy food onboard to the next level this year, with new Luvo wraps, which rolled out in February, and Flight Fuel, which came on board in May. Both offerings focus on bringing customers healthful, fresh options to align with Delta’s evolving culinary strategy.

Platkin is a nationally syndicated nutrition and public health advocate and Distinguished Lecturer at the CUNY School of Public Health in New York City.

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