BOSTON, Mass. – July 23, 2007 – Corporate customers now have a new choice for booking and managing their business travel with SkyCorp Direct, a free online corporate travel management tool which was officially launched today at the National Business Travel Association’s (NBTA) annual convention.  Designed to provide companies of all sizes with a one-stop solution for their corporate travel needs, SkyCorp Direct provides access to airline, hotel and car rental content.

Accessible online at, the travel management tool only takes minutes to set up and can offer small and mid-size companies the same level of customized corporate travel planning, support and robust reporting that many large companies rely on to manage employee travel. 

“SkyCorp Direct can help corporations of all sizes effectively manage employee travel by simplifying the process, saving time and ultimately, costs,” said John Slater, Continental’s managing director of Distribution Planning and eCommerce.  “The site allows employees to easily book their own flights, hotels and rental cars, while providing corporations with the ability to track and manage employee travel costs.”

Corporate travel managers can customize SkyCorp Direct based on their company’s specific travel policies. Employees can also create individual travel profiles, including credit card information, loyalty program account numbers, seat preferences, and preferred airlines, hotels and car rental companies.  In addition, customers will receive bonus miles for each booking on Continental, Delta, and Northwest Airlines.

There are no booking fees for domestic or international flights on sponsors Continental, Delta and Northwest, rental cars through more than 25 car rental providers or hotel rooms at more than 70,000 hotels worldwide. Customers wishing to fly on airlines other than sponsors Continental, Delta and Northwest will be charged a low $5 booking fee. 

“SkyCorp Direct offers the convenience of an online booking experience, without the need for expensive hardware or software,” said Pam Elledge, Delta’s senior vice president of Global Sales & Distribution.  “As companies continue to explore the use of online booking tools in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce costs, SkyCorp Direct is yet another option providing real economic savings.” 

Once travel is booked, users can easily download their itineraries to PDA devices. SkyCorp Direct also provides customers with 24-hour telephone support to assist with ticket refunds, reissues and other services.  In addition to easy travel booking, the site also provides access to weather forecasts, maps, public transportation information, visa and customs information, and more in one convenient location

“As the first joint airline-sponsored corporate travel site, SkyCorp Direct truly simplifies the corporate travel booking process by providing access to a wealth of travel options,” said Steve Sear, vice president of Sales and Customer Care at Northwest Airlines.  “SkyCorp Direct allows employees to efficiently book their desired travel per company policies and the reporting functions help to ensure that companies are reducing their overall travel costs.”

Enrollment can be completed online at, by calling the SkyCorp Direct support desk at 1-888-ASK-SKYCORP, or by contacting sales representatives at Continental, Delta or Northwest Airlines.

Airline Contacts:
Continental Corporate Communications: 
Dave Messing
(713) 324-5080

Delta Corporate Communications
Andy McDill
(404) 715-8218

Northwest Corporate Communications
Roman Blahoski
(612) 726-3902

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