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Delta was honored to host world-renowned conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and U.N. Messenger of Peace, at the Delta Flight Museum on Sept. 20, to discuss the connections that unite people around the world, caring for the environment and to share her message of hope with Delta people.

Supported by Delta's Sustainability Business Resource Group Green Up, this quickly became one of the largest employee events the airline has organized while featuring an outside speaker series with over 1,000 employees in attendance. ​

After being welcomed to the stage by CEO Ed Bastian, Dr. Goodall greeted the audience with a warm chimpanzee hoot, and opened her discussion by sharing the importance of support from her mother who championed her scientific curiosity from the early age of four.

Employees were inspired by her stories of passion and persistence, and how her experiences directly align with Delta's mission of connecting the world.

"Everything is interconnected and every species, no matter how small, plays a role in the tapestry of life," said Dr. Goodall. "We make an impact on our planet every single day and we get to choose what impact that will be."

Serving as an advocate for the planet and its species for almost 60 years, Dr. Goodall's commitment to the earth illustrates the difference Delta can make not only in the aviation industry, but across the globe. Her partnership and passion complement the airline's sustainability efforts, as the company works to explore new opportunities to lower its environmental impact. Dr. Goodall was most recently recognized in April as one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in 2019.

Jane's Four Reasons for Hope

One main takeaway from the event was listening to Dr. Goodall share her four reasons of hope, that motivate her daily to take advantage of every opportunity and to never give up in the fight for protecting our planet.

  1. Our Young People – "It's not that they can change the world, they are changing the world."
  2. The Resilience of Nature – "Nature has been revived in ways that were never thought possible."
  3. Innovation – "The human brain is developing new technologies that are allowing us to live in harmony with nature."
  4. The Indomitable Human Spirit – "Every single one of us has this indomitable human spirit, and we have the power to use it to inspire others."

The event concluded with a joint declaration between the audience and Dr. Goodall, stating "Together we can! Together we will!"

Roots & Shoots

One of Dr. Goodall's greatest accomplishments is her investment in the next generation. Noticing a lack of hope from young people across the globe, Dr. Goodall launched her program Roots & Shoots in 1991. Similar to Delta's Youth Advisory Board on Sustainability, Roots & Shoots shares a mission of empowering young people to affect positive change in their communities. As a part of this initiative, over 800 youth from Atlanta joined Dr. Jane Goodall's community event at the Delta Flight Museum on Saturday, Sept. 21.

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