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Delta’s summer schedule is ramping up, that means more people flying to more destinations. To help cut time spent standing in line and ensure necessary overhead bin space, Delta’s Airport Customer Service team today is starting up their award-winning Early Valet program for the second year.

Early Valet is a surprise-and-delight service launched in 2015 and operating at eight Delta domestic hubs. ACS agents tag and label carry-on bags with the customer’s seat assignment. Then, they preload customers’ bags into the overhead bins above their assigned seats.

“This program makes travelling easier for the customer and that’s what we’re all about,” said Alan Janbay, Delta Manager – Customer Experience, Airports. “It was a huge success last summer and we’re excited to help enhance the trip for our customers again this year.”

Early Valet has proven to shave one-and-a-half minutes from the average boarding time on specific fleet types as a number of bags are typically retrieved and loaded approximately 45 minutes before departure.

It was Janbay’s personal encounter that triggered the whole thing. While working his way up the aisle one flight assisting customers with their bags in the overhead bin, Janbay saw a mother struggling to load her bags. That’s when it became clear to Janbay that Delta should have a program to help.

“With one email to leadership, Early Valet was born,” Janbay said.

The program, back for the summer, is available on Delta’s narrowbody aircraft on select routes. In addition to collecting carry-on baggage, Early Valet agents engage with the customers waiting to board, address their needs and answer any questions they may have, whether it’s about a seat change or locating their boarding zone.

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