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​It’s time to take a dip in the pool for flight attendants who are learning the steps of a water evacuation in Week 6. Jumping, kicking and floating turns out to be much harder than it looks.​

Coming Monday: Episode 7​​ "The Finer Points."​ Catch up on past episodes in the twice-weekly series here.​


Delta Air Lines will present at Bernstein's 34th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference at 8 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. A live webcast of this event will be available at
The announcement follows agreements between the U.S. government and UAE and Qatar to address subsidies provided to carriers in the Gulf nations.
The weather is beautiful, school is out and it’s time for vacation. With the busy summer travel season just kicking off, consider getting to the airport early and keeping these seven tips in mind:...