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Today is Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Day, a day that recognizes the efforts of aviation maintenance professionals around the globe. Delta Air Lines is thanking the 10,000+ hardworking employees, who have powered 122 days without maintenance cancels this year, improving on 112 at this point last year.

The day celebrates the first aviation technician, Charles Taylor, the brains behind the Wright Brothers’ airworthy engine. He was born on May 24.

“It is an honor to work with such an exceptional group of AMT professionals within TechOps,” said Don Mitacek, Delta's Senior Vice President — Technical Operations. “These 10,000+ employees go above and beyond every day and truly are the best in the industry. What they do on a daily basis is uncommon.  When most people would rather go with the flow and take the easy road, TechOps swims upstream plotting their own course, making Delta a much stronger airline.”

AMTs work each day to ensure that Delta delivers on the airline’s industry-leading reliability that customers have come to expect. Their efforts meant 303 days of 100 percent completion factor in 2016.

Tomorrow, this hardworking group has a chance to sit back, relax and explore 60 vendor booths packed with the latest and greatest tools and gear at the Atlanta Technical Operations facility. The event will take over two bays usually home to Delta’s fleet undergoing maintenance for a day of fast cars and barbeque. A separate event is planned for Minneapolis in June.

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