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  • Analyzing companywide pay across all occupations and genders
  • Reviewing hiring and promotion procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers
  • Embedd​ing equal pay efforts into broader initiatives

In recognition of Equal Pay Day, Delta celebrates equal pay companywide again in 2019, achieving complete pay parity for men and women in administrative and frontline jobs.

"Maintaining equal pay – every day — is an ongoing effort and we remain fully committed to preserving parity as our employee base continues to change and grow," said Joanne Smith, Delta's Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

In 2016 the airline signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge, doubling down on its longstanding history of performance- and contribution-based pay, regardless of the individual's personal demographic.

"With every broad compensation increase, we view it through the lens of equity to ensure we are giving fair treatment to everyone," Joanne said. "Delta's pay compensation model is intentional and deliberate in not allowing bias and discrimination to creep in."

As a Fortune "Best Workplace for Women," the airline's overall goal is to create a workplace where all people are welcomed, supported and — above all — treated fairly.

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