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Delta Government Affairs has a new tool to help decision makers break through the information clutter on important policy issues that impact Delta employees, customers and investors.

Fact vs. Fiction launched Monday via the Delta News Hub and Twitter as part of the airline’s work to oppose a provision of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Reauthorization bill that would privatize the nation’s Air Traffic Control function. Delta’s position was outlined by Richard in a letter to House Transportation Committee leaders Feb. 2, and calls for oversight of the Air Traffic Organization to remain under the FAA.

The bill, introduced Feb. 3, stirred controversy among several groups including the Air Line Pilots Association, the National Air Transport Association, the National Business Aviation Association and some FAA workforce unions. Since then, supporters of privatizing air traffic control have bombarded media and decision makers with misleading information. Delta’s inaugural Fact vs. Fiction addresses the misconception that air traffic control is responsible for the majority of the nation’s delays.

Fact vs Fiction 2.png