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Delta dads are the stars in a new video celebrating Father’s Day.

Like the Mother’s Day video released in May, the video uses heartwarming, candid interviews with Delta kids to pay tribute to Delta dads for the role they play both in caring for their children and caring for Delta’s customers each day.

“My dad works really, really, really hard,” said one of the children, the son of Delta TechOps employee Mikki Bishop. “He fixes airplanes so they’re safe and reliable.”

Another child, the daughter of Customer Experience Specialist Sos Sam Grigorian, said, “I’m proud of my dad. He cares about people.”

“He wants to work as hard as he can so our family can live a good life,” his son added.

Delta will also re-launch its Father’s Day TV spot, which debuted last year. The spot uses the classic childhood game “Airplane” to draw parallels between the role of a pilot in guiding the plane and its precious cargo to the role of a father as a pilot in a child’s life by providing safety, guidance, comfort and care.

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