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Julie B., one of Delta’s newest flight attendants, received the surprise of a lifetime today when Aaron, her boyfriend and fellow Delta employee, proposed during her flight attendant graduation.

Aaron S. is a six-year Delta Aircraft Base Maintenance employee and the first person to ask his or her significant other to marry them at a flight attendant ceremony.

“From one employee to another, congratulations,” Aaron said to Julie as he began getting down on one knee. “I love you so much and it’s an honor to be your best friend.”

Delta’s newest graduating class of 101 flight attendants, their friends and family members participated in the proposal, at the Renaissance Hotel. They showed their support for Aaron and Julie with a booming round of applause.

“Congratulations to you both. We are so excited for you and are so happy to be a part of starting your life together,” said Erica Sarkissian, General Manager–In-Flight Service Training.

“Well graduates, we are now at final approach and I can say after seven long weeks, 24 exams, three training flights, one very wet ditching and very sweet proposal, it is my honor and certainly my pleasure to say class is dismissed.”

After the ceremony, Aaron participated in another special moment in Julie’s life – the ceremonial pinning of her Delta wings.