This charming six-minute video is a must see for anyone interested in aviation history. 

It’s a recent interview featuring Paige Jones, one of Delta’s early flight attendants – or ‘stewardess’ as she was referred to in the 1940s – and it’s sure to pull on your heartstrings, while providing a unique glance at just one short period in airline history.

It was a time when female passengers wore travel suits, hats, gloves and beautiful purses. The men always in business suits with a hat on. The stewardesses’ summer uniforms were designed by Atlanta's iconic Rich's Department Store – and the winter attire was provided by Neiman Marcus. Food was served in boxes and included fried chicken, potato salad, a roll and coffee.

Jones was hired by Delta founder, C.E. Woolman, and she recalls her fond memories of him.

“You wouldn’t know a nicer, finer gentleman,” she said. “I wish I had his personality and his memory. He remembered everything about every employee.”

Jones, too, had the good fortune of meeting her husband while working for Delta.

“He was a new Delta pilot who had just come back from World Word II. We met briefly while he was boarding a plane on his way to the cockpit, and it wasn’t too long after that when he called me for a date,” Jones remembers. “And the rest is history.”

“I read good things about Delta in the news all the time,” Jones says. “I’m so happy to be part of the Delta family.”

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