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Throughout the decades, Delta people worldwide have paid tribute to fellow active employees and retirees who have served the U.S. armed forces, both past and present.

In honor of Delta people who participated in the Persian Gulf War, the Delta Flight Museum has launched its newest temporary exhibit, Our Objectives Are Clear: 25 Years After the Persian Gulf War.”

The exhibit features artifacts, images and stories from current Delta employees who served in the Persian Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, from August 1990 to February 1991.

One of the many compelling artifacts is the flight helmet of Chuck Tadrzack, Aircraft Preflight Inspector, who flew in a CH-47D Chinook helicopter during Operation Desert Storm. Prior to starting a new position at Delta in the summer of 1990, Specialist Tadrzack’s unit was called into service. Delta assured him that his position would be held until he returned. Inspired by his new employer’s loyalty, Tadrzack painted the Delta widget on each side of his helmet.

Delta’s commitment to the troops was also demonstrated by participating in the Civilian Reserve Air Fleet, a relationship between the U.S. military and civilian airlines to provide access to aircraft when large numbers of military personnel needed to be transported. Though the relationship was developed in 1952, it was not until 1990 that the initiative was put into action.

Along with filling the immediate need of transporting troops and freeing military aircraft to move equipment to the Middle East, Delta and additional airline employees also saw the opportunity to boost the troops’ morale by sharing cards, letters and posters from U.S. schoolchildren.   

In addition to stories of the conflict, the exhibit features video of CNN’s exclusive coverage of the initial air attacks on Baghdad. The live coverage became an important milestone for CNN’s move from a cable news upstart to a national leader in broadcast journalism.

The “Our Objectives Are Clear” exhibit will be on display at the Delta Flight Museum through August 2016. For additional details, visit the museum’s blog.