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Seasoned road warriors and once-a-year-flight-home-to-grandma's-house travelers, alike, can take a little stress out of their holiday journey this season by downloading the Fly Delta app.  From real-time bag tracking and auto check-in, to step-by-step wayfinding and the ability to toggle between multiple flight itineraries in Today mode, Delta has put more control into the palm of its customers hands — and users are noticing.

The Fly Delta app was recently named Global Traveler's Best Airline App and has skyrocketed in Apple App Store rankings to No. 8 among all travel apps, with 4.8 stars after nearly 400,000 ratings — the same star power as Instagram and similar apps.  

Check out all of the ways the Fly Delta app can help this holiday season.


Fly Delta App Travel Journey

According to Rhonda Crawford, V.P. — Global Distribution & Digital Strategy, the whole purpose of the app is to help make traveling with Delta less stressful. "Through the Fly Delta app, customers can navigate aspects of the travel ribbon — from shopping for a ticket, to checking in, to locating their bag — intuitively and with ease. We've listened to many customers to make sure we continue evolving to meet their needs and align our Fly Delta app with other great app experiences customers encounter throughout the course of their day."