Recent improvements include an all-new Today mode experience, improvements to self-service features and new ways to quickly print bag tags.
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  • An all-new digital day of travel experience, new self-service improvements and more await customers traveling this holiday season
  • Delta reported record number of app downloads in September quarter, with monthly downloads now surpassing 1M – up 25% compared to pre-pandemic levels

Delta is giving customers more ways to seamlessly plan, book and manage their day of travel, putting the Fly Delta app at the center of the customer’s journey. An all-new Today mode experience, improvements to self-service features and new ways to quickly print bag tags are built to give customers more of the time-saving, day-of-travel enhancements they need.

Boarding information, upgrade status, baggage location and key self-service resources like same-day changes will now be available directly from the Today tab in the app, delivering even more features that make Fly Delta the customer’s ultimate travel companion.

“Customer needs and expectations have evolved during the pandemic, and we’ve listened and learned with new investments in features that give them more control and flexibility over their plans than ever – all within Fly Delta,” said Rhonda Crawford, S.V.P. – Global Distribution & Digital Strategy. “These updates bring us one step closer to ensuring the app is the ultimate hub for the customer’s day of travel.”

This refreshed digital day-of-travel experience is designed to put the app at the center of the customer journey, equipping them with more tools to manage variables outside their flight with flexibility and control. The dynamic experience makes it easier than ever for customers to access key information during their travel day.

The Fly Delta App
A new visual indicator shows customer’s Delta FlyReady status on their boarding pass, indicating the customer has met health requirements for international travel.
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Delta is simplifying COVID-19 vaccine and other related entry requirements during booking, check-in and beyond with new experiences on


Later this month, Delta is adding express bag-tagging functionality in Fly Delta that makes it faster to print bag tags at the airport. After checking-in on the app, customers can save time by simply scanning a boarding pass and automatically printing tags at a Delta kiosk. The functionality will first be introduced in Detroit, Minneapolis and Atlanta. Support in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Orlando are also coming in November, with additional locations coming later this year. 

The app is regularly updated with the most important information customers need along their journey, even as travel conditions evolve. Customers can access personalized travel requirements based on their itinerary to ensure they always have the latest updates, particularly for international travel.

These updates come among other recent customer improvements anchored in the app, including the recently announced Delta-TSA PreCheck® express lobby and dedicated bag drop that will use facial recognition technology to allow customers with the Fly Delta app and a TSA PreCheck membership to travel seamlessly from curb to gate, without having to show a boarding pass or a driver’s license.

Fly Delta is the customer’s ultimate travel companion. Download Fly Delta via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Read more about Delta’s partnership with TSA that uses facial recognition technology to deliver a hands- and device-free convenience for travelers from curb to gate.

A woman uses facial recognition technology to check in.
New facial recognition-enabled experience in Atlanta provides hands- and device-free convenience for travelers from curb to gate.
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