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Editor's note (October 11, 2021): For complete guidance and policies on traveling with a pet, please visit Pet Travel on Delta.

At Delta, we know pets are important members of the family. Our pet travel options were updated in 2016 to ensure a high-quality, consistent service when owners choose to ship their pets with Delta Cargo. Delta passengers have two options when flying a pet. Allowable pets can travel onboard with their humans in all cabins of service (except international business and international Delta One) in approved kennels that fit under the seat. They can also be booked though Delta Cargo, as pets can no longer travel as checked luggage.

No matter which option customers choose, Delta’s number one priority is safety and that is why we introduced breed restrictions and temperature limits. The airline has specially trained ground handlers who take care of pets at every step of their journey. Delta also offers temperature-controlled holding areas in most locations to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as temperate controlled vehicles in some locations. Additionally, the new Cargo Control Center in Atlanta gives the airline 24/7/365 visibility into all cargo shipments, including pets. For extra peace of mind, Delta also offers overnight kenneling services and GPS real-time tracking for pet shipments.

“Demand for pet shipments is strong – in fact, in 2017 Delta Cargo carried nearly 60,000 live animals. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and make shipping pets easier for our customers,” said Shawn Cole, V.P. – Delta Cargo. “Pets are family, and our goal at Delta is to make traveling as comfortable and safe for pets as it is for their humans.”

If you are flying with a pet this summer, here are some travel tips:

• When booking your pet, always request the most direct routing possible. Even if you are traveling with your pet and the itineraries do not match exactly, it is in the best interest of the animal to be in transit for the least amount of time possible.
• Check to ensure you have the proper kennel. Choosing an appropriately sized kennel is even more important during warm weather to ensure proper airflow and temperature regulation during travel.
• On the day before departure, fill the water dish with water and freeze it overnight. During travel, the ice will slowly melt, ensuring a supply of water for your animal.
• High temperatures are among the largest risk factors when moving a pet. Check the weather in the days leading up to and immediately before departing for the airport. Verify temperatures for all cities in the routing will meet Delta’s temperature guidelines. If the forecasted temperature in one or more cities is not within Delta guidelines, contact our Customer Service Center for assistance in rebooking your pet.

There are a number of international and state regulatory requirements for shipping pets, so it’s important that customers are informed. Delta’s cargo agents are trained to provide customers with policy and process information. On, we offer all policy and process information, as well as a helpful step-by-step pre-shipping guide.

To ship pets internationally, Delta requires customers to book through professional pet shippers who are members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Rules and regulations surrounding international pet shipments are complex, and Delta Cargo can guide customers through the process. Guidance for customers traveling with pets can be found at and

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