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Some of the world’s best wines are sipped in fine restaurants, at elegant wine bars – and on board Delta flights.

A Chardonnay served on Delta was cited as one of the 10 best wines of 2016 by Forbes contributor Katie Kelly Bell. The food and wine critic raved about the 2013 Catena Alta Chardonnay she tasted on board, including a shout-out to the Master Sommelier who curates Delta’s wine selections.

“I tasted this lovely Argentine wine at 33,000 feet on a recent Delta flight and it knocked my socks off,” Bell wrote. “Kudos to Delta's wine expert, Andrea Robinson, who selects wines on the ground and then tastes them at altitude to ensure the flavors come through (things change on the palate when you are flying).”

The Catena Alta Chardonnay is part of Delta’s South American wine program, featuring selections from Argentina and Chile, added last year to support the airline’s continued focus in Latin America.

“There is so much excitement in South American wine right now, and it’s a great time for us to have dedicated selections for our Latin routes that pay homage to regions such as Chile and Argentina,” said Robinson, an internationally known wine expert and the only woman ever designated as the Best Sommelier in the U.S.

In spring of 2015, Delta began syncing its on-board wine selections with the seasonal rotation of its Delta One menus, aligning with the airline’s focus on serving fresh, local, regional and seasonal offerings to its customers to elevate the on-board experience. In partnership with Robinson, Delta’s Master Sommerlier since 2007, the airline offers up a robust wine program with a number of locally-made wines from small, artisanal wineries that bring to the tray table a flavor and body uniquely their own.

Bell, an award-winning wine, food and travel writer, spent the year tasting wines for her Top 10 article. Her work appears monthly in Forbes and she also writes for USA Today, Decanter, Southern Living and

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