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Too busy traveling to register to vote? Delta has you covered.

Through today Delta is offering eligible customers the ability to register onboard for free. The voter registration website for each state is available through Delta’s Gogo Wi-Fi service, with no need to purchase access. In some states today is the last day to register and still be eligible to vote in the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election.

And there’s more: the Delta Marketing team sent emails to customers traveling Sunday on transcontinental flights letting them know they could watch the presidential debate live on Delta Studio’s Satellite TV. The email encouraged customers to tune into the debate on IFE and purchase a Wi-Fi pass to live tweet the debate.

And Delta customers flying on Election Day will receive emails encouraging them to vote early before they leave. It includes a social sharing component so customers can let their friends know they are voting early.

“We want to ensure customers have the ability to participate in the political process in every way possible while they are traveling with us,” said Amy Harry, General Manager – Brand Communications. “Travel shouldn’t get in the way of customers making their vote count. We’re proud to make it a little easier for customers to make their voices heard no matter where in the world life takes them – even on Election Day.”

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