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Leaders from Georgia Power met with Delta’s Corporate Real Estate and Sustainability teams in the Delta Flight Museum on Thursday to celebrate a partnership that is driving sustainable change.

The utility company presented Delta with a rebate check for $191,375, crediting the airline for energy efficiency improvements to its Georgia facilities in 2014 and 2015. During this period, the facilities had an estimated electricity savings of over 8.1 million kilowatt-hours – a result of a partnership with Georgia Power’s Commercial Energy Efficiency program, an initiative that supports corporations in saving money and energy.

“Sustainability is a key part of Delta’s core values,” said Shane Jones, Delta's Vice President – Corporate Real Estate. “At Delta, sustainability means operating a financially sustainable business while giving back to the community, supporting our employees and protecting the environment. Over the last ten years, Delta has reduced our carbon footprint by 14 percent, through combined initiatives with our fleet, network and fuel, as well as through facility energy initiatives.”

In the last two years alone, Delta has invested $10 million in facility improvements that have reduced the airline’s carbon footprint.  In Atlanta, these upgrades include lighting retrofits, equipment upgrades, reflective roofing improvements and more.

“We share a deep history with Delta and a longstanding relationship not only as energy provider and customer, but also as leading employers and companies dedicated to the Atlanta community,” Craig Barrs, Georgia Power’s Executive Vice President – Customer Service & Operations, said at the event. “We applaud Delta’s persistent focus on energy efficiency and are pleased to recognize them for their most recent, extensive efforts.”

Delta continues to cut energy costs by using electric-powered tugs, updating Atlanta and MSP facilities for energy efficiencies, and involving employees in finding new ways to cut energy usage.