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D-Rep. John Lewis and Delta Flight Crew
Crew members of Delta Flight 513 received a special thank you from Rep. John Lewis, who awarded them with Congressional Certificates of Appreciation on Wednesday.

Lewis was traveling from Detroit to Atlanta on Saturday when he became ill mid-flight, and the flight’s crew and fellow customers quickly jumped into action. The congressman said he is grateful for the assistance he received, and thanked the crew personally at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

“I have lived in Atlanta a long time,” said Lewis. “I always prefer to fly Delta, whenever you are flying where I need to go.  You are always good to me.  I want to thank the entire Delta flight team and the Delta attendants on the ground who helped me during this discomforting experience for their compassion and professionalism.  You are the best airline in the business.”

The team worked together to ensure the appropriate medical supplies were quickly available and that Captain John Jones, who was also honored with a Certificate of Appreciation, was aware of the situation onboard to ensure medical personnel would be available upon arrival.

“Immediately our training kicked in and we had to maneuver around our carts to assess the situation as quickly as possible,” said flight attendant Ishbel Harrison.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized by such an influential person and I am glad that I was able to help,” said flight leader Carolina Juric.

The crew described Rep. Lewis as a “real trooper” and say he was making jokes once the plane landed. He even tried to walk off the plane, but was advised to wait for medical personnel.

“His status is not what was important during that moment, because every single customer deserves to be treated like that,” said flight attendant Opal Doubleday. “It’s a life, and we have a duty to help in any way possible. I am gracious for the opportunity to receive a token of appreciation from a man who has impacted so many lives.”


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