Employees work together to get customer home to Cincinnati in time to receive life-saving liver transplant surgery.
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Employees who helped liver transplant patientDelta employees make memories for customers every day, but rarely do they have the opportunity to reconnect with those customers.

In June, Delta News Network covered a story about the Minneapolis-St. Paul ACS team, who helped get customer Jon M. and his wife Sara to Cincinnati in the nick of time to receive a long-awaited and urgently needed liver transplant.

A local Cincinnati reporter at WCPO-TV heard about the family's story and reached out to Delta for help arranging a meet up between the customers and the Delta employees who were instrumental in getting the couple home on a sold-out flight. See local coverage here.

This was Jon's first time seeing Jeanne McMahon and Paul Rhodes, the Delta Sky Club employees who helped save his life, since his surgery.

"To be able to thank the people who helped save my life with a big hug is awesome," Jon said. "I am beyond grateful and those moments are things that I will never forget."