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  • Delta people donated a record 13,064 pints of blood in fiscal year 2019 (year-end June 30).

  • 18 percent increase since fiscal year 2018.

  • Delta hosted a record 254 blood drives across 44 locations system wide​

Delta employees, retirees and customers contributed a record 13,064 pints of blood at Delta-hosted American Red Cross blood drives during the 2019 fiscal year (year-end June 30) across the system – an 18 percent increase from fiscal year 2018. The unprecedented record allows Delta to retain the No. 1 spot in corporate blood donations in the U.S. and marks the most successful donation year since Delta's partnership with the American Red Cross began in 1941. Delta was No. 11 on the corporate sponsor list just seven years ago.

"What better way to give of yourself than to give the gift of life through donating blood. Thank you to all the Delta people who make a difference and roll up their sleeves to give blood to help save lives all year long and a special thank you to our blood drive coordinators for their commitment to keeping Delta No. 1 in the corporate rankings with the American Red Cross," said Tad Hutcheson, Managing Director – Community Engagement.

Throughout the 2019 fiscal year, Delta hosted 254 blood drives across 44 locations and added seven new drive locations (two additional Atlanta locations, one additional Augusta location and inaugural drives in Austin, Texas; Columbia, S.C.; Charleston, S.C.; and San Diego, Calif.), expanding our support in the communities where we live, work and serve.

In addition to blood donations, Delta is an Annual Disaster Giving Program donor at the $1 million level, allowing the American Red Cross to be strategic and proactive in disaster response.  Delta also partnered with the American Red Cross as the title sponsor of the 2019 Sound the Alarm campaign, which installed over 120,000 smoke alarms in homes throughout the country last spring. The American Red Cross is Delta's longest standing not-for-profit partnership dating back to WWII. 





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