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Outside of Lumen Field in Seattle, hot dog and sausage vendors are selling snacks as people line up six feet apart to have their bags searched before entering the football stadium. Some people are proudly sporting their Seahawks jerseys, while others are just in their everyday clothes. Everyone is masked-up.

Vaccine lines

Out of the context of 2020-2021, this could be the scene of sports fans lining up for game day. Only it’s spring, and these people aren’t here to see their favorite football team — they're here to see Zachary Warshaw, Delta Corporate auditor and part-time vaccination provider.

Or, more specifically, they’re here to get their vaccine from the mass vaccination site in Seattle, and Zack just may be their vaccine provider today.

“When all of this happened, I remember people were saying that we may not be done with the pandemic until there is a vaccine, and my first thought was that I still have my nursing license — I can give the vaccine. I can personally make this go faster,” Zack said.

Zack comes from a medical family and pursued nursing as an undergraduate and early in his career. While he was in nursing school, he worked for Delta Global Services in Burlington, Vermont and caught the aviation bug. Just short of two years into nursing, Zack decided to follow his passion and accepted a Ready Reserve position in ACS in Boston.

About a year later, Zack moved to Seattle for a full-time Above Wing position and quickly realized that he wanted to be in aviation long-term. He went back to school and got his master's degree in Aerospace Management, all while maintaining his nursing license — which was useful when the pandemic began in March 2020.

Zack on tarmac

“When you’re thinking ‘what can I do to make this go by faster?’ - it’s following the guidance, it's the distancing, it’s the masking. That’s all you have to hang on to in terms of what can I contribute to make this better,” Zack said. “For me, I had this extra tool in my back pocket. I have one step further that I can go to get this over with as fast as I can, I can go out and vaccinate people.”

Since he started giving vaccinations in late January/early February, Zack has met people from all over the state with their own reasons for getting vaccinated. One person in particular stands out to Zack — an artist who travels for inspiration. Before the pandemic, she was in Nicaragua taking in the waves. Now, it has been over a year since she last traveled.

Originally from Quebec, she was surprised to find that Zack, who is from Vermont, also spoke Quebec-French. While the vaccine was drawn up and brought over, Zack got to see pictures of her art and hear about where she plans to go next now that she’s vaccinated.

At the start of the pandemic, Zack stepped into the role of a Corporate Auditor for Delta, which means his travel increased during the pandemic - but he recognizes that wasn’t the case for everyone.

“I hadn’t lost that part of joy from my life. During the pandemic, I flew 104,000 miles,” Zack said. “But I feel like a lot of people lost that freedom, so with the vaccine I can give the joy back. Here’s more joy, get out and fly, here’s more joy.”


On April 17, Zack hit a milestone: he had given 3,000 vaccinations. Zack said that he signed every single one of the 3,000 vaccination cards with his Delta pen and represented Delta every time he showed up to the mass vaccination clinic.

“I personally got 3,000 people back out into the world, and I probably told at least 2,000 of them they should go fly Delta.”