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When a runway was closed in Manila, Philippines and dozens of flights were canceled, Delta people worked tirelessly to find new connections for more than 1,000 customers. Customer Rick King was sure he wouldn’t be leaving Manila for a few days, but Delta people worked diligently to make sure Rick would be home to spend quality time with his family as soon as possible.

From asking the Pacific Club to order meals and extend their hours for Delta customers since most hotels were booked, to Sanna Ocampo, Station Manager – MNL, and her team ensuring Rick was on the first flight out of Manila, Delta people made certain he was well taken care of. And it truly was a global effort. Yuki Abe, an Airport Customer Service Agent in Narita, even ran side-by-side with Rick to ensure he made his connection on a different airline.

“I personally feel like I had Sanna as a guardian angel,” said Rick. “I pick Delta because Delta has the best people. That’s what makes the real difference all over the world.”

“The team effort in Manila and Narita is a testament to how our people across the world are dedicated to Delta customers,” said Jim Davis, V.P. of Airport Operations – International. “Our people go above and beyond every day, overcoming challenges to ensure our customers have the best experience possible whether traveling through Asia, Europe, South America or anywhere in between.”

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