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When the Technical Operations team at Delta decided to build a custom, large-scale grill, a collaborative design process started with a lot of napkin talk and quickly turned into an original that is memorable, fun to build and something Delta people could enjoy. 

Nine things to know about TechOps’ Celebration Grill (pictured above)

“The craftsmanship of the grill allows people to see what TechOps does each and every day to keep our planes in tip-top shape," said Don Mitacek, S.V.P-Technical Operations

Think of it as the ultimate Delta tribute to grilling.- a passion shared by many Delta people. Its wingspan measures more than 20 feet across, the fuselage grilling chamber is 38 feet long and nearly 15 feet high at the tip of its tail. It can crank out about 500 burgers an hour.   

Think of it as a microcosm of the Delta TechOps brand. S.V.P-Technical Operations Don Mitacek said that it can be difficult for customers and employees alike to fully understand and appreciate what TechOps does. “But the craftsmanship of the grill allows people to see what TechOps does each and every day to keep our planes in tip-top shape,” Don said.

Teamwork made it happen. This strikingly aerodynamic and newest member of Delta’s fleet is comprised of all new parts. The design, engineering, fabrication, construction and painting was done by more than 60 TechOps employees in seven departments at the Atlanta Technical Operations Center, the Minneapolis/St. Paul base and Ground Service Equipment.

About 30 Technicians and Engineers presented it to E.V.P. and Chief Operating Officer Gil West today. Gil enthusiastically accepted it alongside other TechOps leaders. Inaugural burgers sizzled on three of the six grills.

What better follow-up to the TechOps Party Bar built by much of same team in 2014? Because no Delta-branded outdoor adult beverage distribution apparatus should be without a culinary counterpart for too long.

Its debut to the entire Delta family was last month at the Atlanta Block Party. And there are plans for it go on the road later thanks to a 48-foot trailer.

Safety first: It’s got a built-in fire suppression system. In the ceiling compartment, sensors and extinguishers are perched strategically should a fire take hold. Oh, and there are also gas leak detectors that will ring a siren should a leak occur.  

Have manual, will travel. Constructed to be mobile much like it’s Party Bar counterpart, the team created a detailed, photo-illustrated instruction manual to ensure safe and efficient operation - no matter which Delta grill master will have the honors to toss their preferred barbeque offering on it.

The tail and wings collapse for transport. But mind the ‘no-step’ areas on the wings. Because while this grill isn’t yet on Delta’s operations specifications book with the FAA, you never know what an inspector might think.