The airline plans to outfit nearly all of its domestic mainline fleet with high-speed connectivity by the end of 2022
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  • More Viasat-equipped aircraft entering service this summer; range of domestic fleet types to feature high-speed connectivity
  • Wi-Fi, seatback entertainment and Delta Portal Platform are coming together to advance Delta’s vision for the ‘connected cabin,’ welcome a new era of onboard entertainment

With plans to outfit nearly all Delta’s domestic mainline fleet with high-speed connectivity by the end of 2022, customers can expect an experience during travel that’s closer to what they would have at home. It’s all part of the airline’s effort to make the customer experience onboard stress-free, personalized and enjoyable from take-off to touch-down.

“Customers expect the very best when they fly with Delta, and our investments in a best-in-class onboard experience will give them even more reasons to look forward to their next flight,” said Byron Merritt, V.P. – Brand Experience.

The airline plans to outfit more than 550 aircraft with high-speed, streaming-quality Wi-Fi service by the end of 2022, with all of Delta’s Airbus A321ceo, Boeing 737-900 and 757-200 fleets outfitted by the end of 2021. Select aircraft from the carrier’s Airbus A321neo, A220-300, A320ceo, A319 and Boeing 737-800 fleets will begin installation in 2022.

Learn more about how high-speed Wi-Fi is installed onboard and how teams across Delta plan to meet the aggressive installation timeline. 

Beginning in June, customers will be able to purchase access to high-speed Wi-Fi onboard Viasat-equipped aircraft for a simple and consistent $5 per device, per flight.

Delta’s investment paves the way for offering Free Wi-Fi in the future. By equipping the right technology to the right fleet, the airline is ensuring it can support a free service in the future that can adapt as customer expectations change.

“We are committed to delivering Free Wi-Fi in the future, and this investment brings us significantly closer to that goal,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Managing Director – Brand Experience. “We have come a long way since CES 2020, and while Free Wi-Fi won’t happen overnight, our mission to deliver an unparalleled experience for customers has not changed.”    

Setting the stage for a new era of onboard entertainment – the ‘Connected Cabin’

By combining industry-leading Wi-Fi, seatback entertainment on nearly all Delta aircraft* and the Delta Portal Platform, customers can expect an unparalleled personalized experience onboard – a new era of onboard entertainment Delta calls the ‘Connected Cabin.’

The airline is testing ways to bring more features to every seat**. Capabilities of the Connected Cabin may include everything from ordering food and beverages directly from seatback screens to personalized content recommendations for every customer. In the future, the carrier plans to integrate Delta SkyMiles profile information, Delta Studio content and customer flight information for a seamless, fully personalized experience. More details on features coming onboard will be shared in the coming months.  

A more connected experience onboard has benefits for Delta’s flight crews as well. The system plans to integrate Flight Attendant SkyPro devices and send real-time operational data to maintenance teams to better identify issues for proactive service.

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Follow along on Delta’s journey to enter its first Viasat-equipped aircraft into service, from investment to installation.

* Delta’s 717 fleet is not equipped with seatback in-flight entertainment.

** Onboard fleets equipped with seatback in-flight entertainment only.

** *Editor's note: This content was updated on June 3 to reflect a change in pricing.

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