How do we continue to grow Delta as the most on time, reliable airline?  What opportunities exist to outpace the industry in customer experience?  What changes or improvements should we make for our customers and employees?

These are questions the Operations and Analytics Team (OAP) look to answer every day as they gather myriad of data the airline gets from its customers, airplanes and processes – and you could be a part of it.

With visibility into almost every part of Delta’s global operation, the OAP team uses data, reporting and analysis techniques to help identify ways to drive meaningful change. They work with departments across the airline to understand what drives increased customer satisfaction as well as ways to maintain industry-leading performance, allowing leaders to continually make thoughtful, informed decisions.

“You can time and measure just about anything,” said Sangita Sharma, Manager – OAP. “Our team works to understand best practices and also see where we can make adjustments that lead to game-changing enhancements for customers and our people.”

Sangita’s team plays a role in the development of the airline’s scheduled flight times. With a complex global network the size of Delta’s, it’s important to ensure every flight arrives on time for those traveling direct or connecting through a hub.

“Whether you’re buying it the day before or 330 days out, it’ll tell you a scheduled time of departure and arrival. This means if you take off at this time then you need to land by this time guaranteed – because when we sell a ticket, we’re selling a promise,” Sangita added.

Sangita often flies from Atlanta to St. Louis to visit her parents, and knowing when she’ll arrive matters. Her team is the brains behind the analysis of determining how long it would take to see her family at point B, knowing this can vary depending on the time of year, weather conditions and other factors determined nine months out.

“My time matters, especially when planning to visit with family. Knowing if I’ll be there in time for dinner matters when our time together is limited.”

She understands that during the winter, de-ice operations could add more taxi time out of Atlanta, or the flight may have to take a specific flight path to deviate around summer thunderstorms blocking airspace enroute. These are all factored into flight times noted on ticket purchase.

“I always ask people if their Delta flight arrived on time – more often than not the answer is yes and it makes me smile because that’s a direct reflection of the work we do,” she said.

As a member of the OAP team, you need to be curious about process and data. Candidates should be able to use data, analysis, and process to enable continuous improvement and better outcomes for customers. Understanding what works well, and what could be improved will help build a better industry-leading airline. 

Think you would be a great fit? Click here to see our latest openings for the OAP team.  Applications for the Data Analyst position are now being accepted.