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Delta has launched the latest enhancements to its automated rebooking system to improve the customer experience during flight cancellations and delays.

The first phase of the project gives customers who have the Fly Delta app on their mobile devices or who rebook online at a wider array of options when their flight has been delayed or canceled. The system will:

  • Allow customers to select alternate origins or destinations for Delta-operated or Delta-marketed flights via the Fly Delta app and Date changes and time searches within the irregular operations rebooking window are also allowed.
  • Assign seats when possible to ensure similar seating. If a seat is not available, the system will add the customer to the airport standby list.
  • Recognize special service remarks in the reservation ─ such as wheelchair requests ─ as well as bags and transfer them to the customer’s new itinerary.

“By giving our customers who use the Fly Delta app and more options to choose their own rebooking preferences, we will be able to help reduce lines at the airports and enhance the overall travel experience,” said Theresa Keaveny, Director of Reservations Support and Solutions.

The next phase of the project, scheduled for this fall, will allow the system to find unique and creative routings when looking for options to rebook customers.

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