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Delta’s international long-haul fleet now has more than 50 percent of aircraft with satellite-based Wi-Fi installed. Through April, more than 90 of Delta’s 177 international aircraft now have Wi-Fi for customers.

Delta’s 747s and Airbus A330 fleets are 100 percent complete. Installations continue on Boeing 767, 777 and selected 757-200 aircraft.

Earlier this year, Delta announced that it would make further investments in its narrowbody fleet to add 2Ku service and extend coverage areas for long-haul domestic flights as well as on Latin American and Caribbean routes beginning in 2016.

Installations of international Wi-Fi service are on track achieve Delta’s 2015 Flight Plan goal of 85 percent complete by the end of 2015. The remaining fleet will be finished in mid-2016.

Delta launched in-light Wi-Fi service in December 2008 and has since become the airline with the most in-flight connectivity in the world. When the installation of Wi-Fi on Delta’s international fleet is complete, more than 1,000 aircraft will offer in-flight connectivity for passengers.

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