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Delta’s Reservation Sales and Customer Care team went above and beyond to ensure a customer and his six-year-old grandson, Zayne, had a memorable travel experience by making Zayne a “Diamond for a Day.”

In a new video, customer Jeff M. explains that he reached out to Beverly, a Cincinnati-based Reservation Sales agent, to change the seating assignment on his grandson’s ticket. That’s when Beverly heard something in Jeff’s voice and asked if everything was OK.

“My grandson has been dealing with brain tumors for the last three years,” Jeff told Beverly. During treatment of the tumors, Zayne suffered a stroke which left the left side of his body paralyzed. To encourage Zayne in his recovery, Jeff made his grandson special promise for the end of his rehabilitation – a trip to Disney.

Beverly promised Jeff Delta would take care of his request – the airline ended up doing that and more.

When Zayne and his family arrived at the airport, Delta surprised him with the “Diamond for a Day” experience, which offers special customers the experience of being a Diamond – Delta’s elite frequent flier status – for one trip. Zayne got Sky Priority check-in and Sky Club access, along with a bundle of Delta-branded goodies, a behind-the-scenes tour at the airport and special attention throughout the flight.

“I’ve been introduced to a company with a heartbeat, a human company that has emotion. We got into [Zayne’s] story, and she was a person on the other end,” Jeff said. “It’s beyond just customer and company. We’re friends.”