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Steve Dickson Executive Headshot
After 27 years of service to Delta, Captain Steve Dickson, Senior Vice President — Flight Operations, has announced he will retire Oct. 1.

“Steve is a longtime, respected and admired Delta leader who has provided steady, thoughtful and impactful leadership in both good and bad times — not only at Delta, but across the industry,” said CEO Ed Bastian and COO Gil West in a memo to all employees. “A former USAF Officer, Air Force Academy graduate and F-15 fighter pilot, Steve has ensured that Delta Flight Operations is the best in the world, overseeing day-to-day flight operations on six continents, as well as pilot training, pilot standards, technical support, pilot staffing and scheduling and quality assurance and compliance functions.”

Jim Graham will be promoted to Senior Vice President — Flight Operations effective Sept. 1.  Jim joined Delta in 1988 as a line pilot and has held numerous leadership positions. He is qualified and actively flies the Boeing 757 and 767 both domestically and internationally.

“We are blessed with an extremely talented pilot group and a deep bench of leaders,” Dickson said in a memo to all pilots. “I have the utmost confidence that he [Jim] and his team will execute the roadmap we have laid out and I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. The opportunities are limitless if everyone works together.”

Effective Sept. 1, Bill Lentsch will be promoted to Executive Vice President — Flying / Air Operations, reporting to Gil.  In this new role, Bill will have oversight of Flight Ops and In-Flight Service aligning all of Delta’s in-air operations under his leadership. 

Bill Lentsch Executive Headshot
“This will ensure tighter coordination for all flying functions, including scheduling, planning and tracking for pilots and flight attendants, and further align the strong teams led by Allison and Jim,” Bastian and West said.