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Our new snacks are here!  But what did it take to ensure the new lineup met our customer’s needs?  Just ask Josh Sibert from our In-Flight Operations Analysis & Performance team. As a specialist with OAP, Josh was responsible for analyzing the customer survey data that fed into the business case proposal for this effort.

“Getting to work on a project that impacts more than 150 million customers is extremely rewarding,” Josh said. “For the benefit of our customers, we are here to assist the business with as many data driven decisions as possible.”

Through data analysis, Josh and the OAP team were able to better understand customers’ snack expectations on short-haul flights and leveraged customer feedback to identify needs for larger portions and branded offerings.

Delta’s OAP department uses a variety of prescriptive analytical techniques and leverages various technology applications such as SAS, Tableau and Teradata Aster. They partner with the operating divisions in solving for both operational performance challenges and customer service related improvements.

Whether it involves using predictive analytics for condition based maintenance programs, text analytics for capturing customer sentiment surrounding new airport processes, or experimental design and testing evaluating ROI for on-board product introductions, the OAP team provides the airline’s operational leaders with the data they need to make informed decisions. 

Click here to see our latest openings for the OAP team.  Applications for the Senior Data Analyst position are now being accepted.

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