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Delta today released a video evoking unity with a nod to flying. The video debuts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and complements the airline’s sponsorship of #WhoWeAre – an innovative partnership between StoryCorps, the groundbreaking oral history project, and Upworthy, a mission-driven media company. #WhoWeAre is a campaign designed to bring stories of hope and humanity during a time of division and fear. 

“When you spend your days 30,000 feet in the air,” the video begins, “you get an appreciation for this country – its beauty and its majesty. So it hurts even more when violence and anger tear into our country.” The message is voiced over a series of aerial views of cities, towns and rural landscapes. 

Story Corps Screen Shot
“There is an important conversation being had right now that we believe Delta can contribute to. Our video is an opportunity to say that the very nature of our business – which brings people together – instills in us an appreciation for the diversity and beauty of our world, our customers, our workforce, communities and our nation,” Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mapes said. “Sharing stories is also an opportunity for building human connection, making the #WhoWeAre campaign a natural fit.”

#WhoWeAre is a campaign designed to share stories of everyday Americans that, according to StoryCorps and Upworthy, “remind us of a few simple truths: that we share more in common than divides us, that we are so m​uch stronger when we spend less time shouting and more time listening, and that every single life matters equally and infinitely.” Both StoryCorps and Upworthy are founded on a belief in the power of authentic stories to engender empathy.

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For #WhoWeAre, the organizations have selected a diversity of stories from the StoryCorps archive—the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered, including more than a quarter-million Americans from all walks of life.

A similar effort is under way inside Delta. From roundtable discussions to town halls and even formal training sessions being piloted, Delta people across the company are redoubling efforts to talk and listen to gain a greater understanding of the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our 80,000 people worldwide and where work is needed to strengthen the airline’s diversity commitment. ​

“Our Rules of the Road make it clear that diversity and inclusion are core to our culture. So we need to make sure that value permeates our every interaction and decision,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian said. “We don’t leave our individual perspectives at home when we come to work every day. So, we have to be mindful of the way each person’s, sometimes vastly different experiences, can influence their view.”