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Airline contracts have been a pain point for corporate travel managers. Launching Oct. 1, Legal-Easy, Delta’s contract simplification solution, sets out to change that, cutting contract length by 80 percent.

“In the trial our customers found Legal-Easy transformative for the industry, making Delta easier than ever to do business with,” said Kristen Shovlin, Vice President - Sales Operations and Development. “That’s not surprising since they were involved from inception. We listened to their feedback and worked with our airline partners around the globe to build a simple, flexible contract solution.”

Explanation of Legal-Easy
Legal-Easy is Delta’s latest innovative in a string of industry-leading programs the airline has launched to support its corporate customers, following Operational  Performance Commitment and Delta Edge Meetings. The enhanced contract is available for multi-national and global accounts and helps corporate travel managers navigate internal processes more efficiently. It uses simplified language, only asks for the necessities and streamlines the once dense terms and conditions.

“We spoke directly with the corporate travel managers who spend hours with their legal departments poring over lengthy airline contracts,” said  project lead Jon Young, Director – Corporate Sales Development. “They needed a solution that would allow for faster legal review, and we delivered, pulling all the legal terms and conditions into a concise four pages.”

Pricing tables were the other issue corporate travelers flagged. For a global company, these tables can easily take up an additional 100 contract pages.

“We’re reorganizing the pricing format which cuts down the number of pages by more than 50 percent, without impacting any of the important content,” said Young. “But we couldn’t do it alone, this took coordination with our JV and strategic partner carriers and was integral in transforming the contract process for our customers.”

Legal-Easy will be available for eligible customers when their current contracts are up for renewal. After the launch, the airline will be looking to customers for their thoughts on the enhanced contract.

“We aren’t just launching something and calling it a day,” Shovlin said. “We’ll be out there talking to our customers, incorporating feedback from their travel management teams and building a flexible contract solution that surpasses customer expectations.”

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