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Speaking at the world's largest tech event, Bastian said data is helping Delta employees deliver personalized service to its customers.
Moving with the speed of a start up, DFP has driven wins through innovations in in-flight entertainment, interior modifications and overhead bin functionality.
Delta's industry-only Flight Weather Viewer app is why Delta is the only global airline to experience a decrease in severe turbulence encounters over the last few years. ​
These five differentiators make it a must-have for customers who want to manage their travel experience on the go.
The proprietary technology is designed to ensure everyone in a flight family for mainline Delta flights has shared awareness of the status of dozens of variables throughout the pre-departure process.
A220 first takeoff
Delta’s A220-100 took to the air for the first time today, successfully completing a test flight in Quebec.
The test will allow eligible Delta SkyMiles Members to forego a boarding pass and ID in favor of fingerprints as proof of identity.
Delta, Lyft team up to reward customers with first-of-its-kind partnership
Español (Spanish)
Delta y la compañía de transporte Lyft se asocian para ofrecer a los miembros SkyMiles más oportunidades de obtener millas, haciendo algo que pueden hacer todos los días: solicitar un viaje. Desde...
Delta, Lyft team up to reward customers with first-of-its-kind partnership
Português (Portuguese)
A Delta e a Lyft, empresa de transporte colaborativo, estão se associando para oferecer aos membros do SkyMiles mais oportunidades de ganhar milhas fazendo algo que podem fazer todos os dias – pedir...
Taking a Lyft ride is the newest way SkyMiles members can earn unlimited miles on every ride.