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Delta people who wear wings and name bars have an emotional connection to these pieces. Every time an employee puts them on — their name alongside the iconic widget — they show the world their pride...
Last year 150,000 applicants applied for roughly 1,200 coveted flight attendant jobs at Delta.
Delta's New Uniform
Delta's new uniform collection, which combines high fashion with quality and functionality, will take flight on May 29, 2018 for more than 60,000 uniformed Delta employees.
Third Delta humanitarian flight carries first responders, supplies to support Puerto Rico
Delta's third humanitarian flight departed at 6 a.m. Friday for Puerto Rico, carrying state troopers, FEMA officials and additional relief workers.
Delta has rolled out 100 handheld devices to help gate agents drive more personal engagements with customers at its home airport in Atlanta.
Delta opens first biometric-based self-service bag drop in the U.S.
The new self-service bag drop is part of the airline’s commitment to transforming the travel experience with meaningful investments.
Ten years ago, Delta became the first airline with a comprehensive recycling program for cans, newspapers, water bottles and snack containers. Read on for more highlights of the program.
Delta is rolling out its award-winning Early Valet program at eight airports, just one of several ways the airline is easing travel hassles.
These employees have worked to achieve 122 days with no maintenance-related flight cancellations this year.
Delta leverages 'big data' to drive thoughtful customer service in sky
Flight attendants are empowered to deliver enhanced, informed customer recognition.